FREE Books!!

Yes!  I said FREE BOOK!

Hosting a “Book Look” not only earns you free books but it’s also a lot of fun!





There are lots of options other than just a regular Facebook or home party!

  • Host a “Build a Library Birthday Book Party” for your child during their birthday month.
  • Host a “Build a Library Baby Shower for a friend that is expecting.
  • Have a fun themed Facebook party!  Like a “Nacho Everyday Book Party.”
  • Don’t have Facebook or have friends that don’t have a FB account?  We can still party online!  We have an easy online party platform that lets you party with your friend just by clicking one link!  Super easy!
  • Host a Breakfast and Books play date at your home..
  • Don’t want to host at your home?  We can easily have a Book Look at your favorite restaurant!   I’m up for some tacos if you are!